Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sue's Testimonial on Detoxing

Here is my story short and sweet:

I am 44 yrs old woman and two years ago my body started to give me messages that something was wrong—off balance.(rheumatoid arthritis flare up—don’t have it, insomnia, migraines, dry and greasy hair, dry skin, strong food cravings, lethargic, foggy, somewhat depressed because it was hard to get through my day)  My doctor couldn’t help, blood work was ok, etc.  I went to a naturopathic doctor who showed me how to do a saliva test.  The results showed my adrenal gland was fatigued. 

The way back to health was to take care of myself gently.  I took some vitamin supplements to help but the biggest thing was to eat healthy (no gluten and sugar) and rest. It took about 9 months for me to turn the bend but I still wasn’t feeling up to par. During this time researching what my body was doing I read a lot about healthy eating.
It seemed so hard to give up so much of what I was used to eating. 

Dr. Deane told me about the detox program Dr. Terri was going to support and I knew it was for me.  I decided to do it. It was time.
After 21 days of doing the detox I feel great!! I love the way I am eating and I don’t’ miss anything.  Unbelievable.

About the program-  for me the first 5 days were the hardest . I was crabby –probably all the sugar leaving my body!  After that I felt great. I remember looking at the calendar and seeing when I would have 21 days straight to commit to.  I thought I picked the best time ( I did) but once I got into it I was challenged.  I attended 3 cookouts/parties, had company stay at my house for 4 days and a family that didn’t want to eat the way I was eating.  Well, I overcame everything! I cooked healthy meals for my company with lots of veggies.  I packed my own food when I was on the go—so much easier than you think.  What can be easier than grabbing an apple and packing a salad??  My husband now eats with me too.  A lot of good things happened in those 21 days.

After the program, I still eat the same way and drink one shake a day.  I have learned to love the shakes. 

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