Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Changing your thoughts about Weight Loss

Are you one of those people who has tried just about every diet & weight loss trick out there, yet you still haven't kept the weight off? You're not alone. Countless people go through the process of yo-yo dieting & yet feel like they've really gotten no where.

How is it possible that so many diets fail people? Well, it's because most diets involve only a"temporary" shift or change in the persons eating habits. What hasn't changed is the person mind set on how & what to eat.Without making this profound change, most people will go back to their original ways of eating; the ways that lead to their weight gain.

I have had the opportunity to help my patients lose weight, but more importantly to make that mental shift on how & what to eat. In order to change the results you've been getting, you have to change how you think. A new paradigm is in order to make life changing results.

Weight loss can be more than just taking in less calories than expended. For many people, women especially, weight loss involves not only looking at what you are putting into their mouth, but also what are your hormones doing. I'll discuss the roles of hormones & how they may be preventing you form losing weight in my next post.

Dr. Terri